Family in Music Ensemble

“Music: expression of the human heart.”

From the immense love between Michael and Cecilia are born Anthony, Raphael, Emmanuel and Mary Bernadette. Their love of music, indelibly marked by their encounters with each other’s great masters, is the virtuoso and surprising vehicle of their first meeting and thus the rise of their love.

That is why everyday life in the family meant raising their children by communicating to them the love of Beauty and the precious treasure of music, so expressive of the heart of every man and the mystery that contains it.

Masters and newlyweds Eddy Perpich and Lucia Passaglia, first masters of the talented Cecilia, thus found on their hands the lively little Lo Russo children-Antonio, Emmanuele and Bernadette on violin and Raffaele on cello.

La Sharing life and meeting with others are later decisive features so that the depth of the musical language could become its own: Share the discovery of authors by performing them together, participate in a multitude of summer courses, brought out the greatness of meeting new friends under a new light that illuminated a deeper bond.

From one of these encounters “was born” the name of the ensemble: a family friend, passed on vacation in Vieste, in listening to the family play sketches by hinting on a sheet of paper the profiles of each component and intuits the sketch: “Family in Music.”

The road traveled brings every day in the life of the “Family in Music” the experience of Beauty that marks today, even more than before, the true physiognomy of the heart.

“Expressiveness is singing in every note the Infinite Beauty that is the texture of music.”

Family in Music

Family in Music Ensemble

Maria Bernadette lo Russo 
Antonio lo Russo 
Emmanuele lo Russo
Raffaele lo Russo 
Cecilia Clemente
Barbara Carrer

violin and viola

Family in Music Ensemble

Maria Bernadette lo Russo – violin
Antonio lo Russo – violin
Emmanuele lo Russo – violin and viola
Raffaele lo Russo – cello
Cecilia Clemente – piano
Barbara Carrer – soprano