The need to express himself through composition is the most unexpected thing Emmanuel at the age of 15 could discover he had.

Certainly the absolute privilege of growing up with the Masters and Godfathers Eddy Perpich and Lucia Passaglia, along with the beauty of experiencing music in the family as a life-sharing, led from an early age Emmanuel to “breathing thinking musically“, as a painter in looking at the surrounding reality breathes in thinking about the most expressive colors of his palpitating heart.

However, going deep with the greatest geniuses in the history of music and discovering their close relationship with each other to the point of feeling them as brothers in the journey is the greatest gift in Emmanuel’s musical growth, so great that it would not be enough to spend a lifetime to exhaust it.

In the decisive context from the characteristics just mentioned, the compositional need arises. The reason is simple: need to express ongoing events in one’s life. Later, Emmanuel leaves more and more room for this need and, urged on by his brothers, performs his first concerts with them in which a connection with the lives of the people participating occurs. The surprising simplicity with which this form of expression becomes habitual gradually leads Emmanuel to work systematically and thus to progress in language.

In my compositions I feel like a fragile vase of clay but overflowing with pure water: for this reason I do not consider this form of language to be mine, but rather it is the extreme virtue of a Beauty that has always accompanied me and continues today to knock in my life through friendship. It is the unity with the other in a bond deeper than is humanly possible to think of that expresses in “my” music the Hope that embraces and challenges me to love my whole existence daily.”